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Village of Coal Valley
900 1st Street
P.O. Box 105
Coal Valley, IL 61240

Welcome to Coal Valley!

Sign for Coal Valley Municipal CenterThe Village of Coal Valley is located in Henry and Rock Island Counties, Illinois. The Village is a residential community and is a suburb of the greater Quad Cities area. Find out the history of the village.

What's New

07/10/2019 - The agenda for the next board meeting can be found HERE.

06/27/2019 - Village Residents - Coal Valley was hit with a string of car burglaries again last night. If you have any information or are missing anything, please call the police department at 309-799-5416. Also, please make certain to lock your vehicles/garages and if you see something, say something!


06/07/2019 - The Village of Coal Valley is accepting bids for 8 new fire hydrants at the following locations: 1004 East 3rd St Ct, 6" ; 127 East 3rd St; 119 East 2nd St, 107 East 4th St, 107 East 7th St, East 3rd St and 1st Ave- Lot, 2212 East 5th St, 308 East 21st Ave. All hydrants will be replacement-in-kind.

Bids will be accepted until August 1, 2019 and work is to be completed within 90 days of award. All new fire hydrants shall be CLOW (Medallion) Company with a new CLOW Resilient Wedge Gate Valve installed with new valve box.  Click here for additional bid information. Hard copy is available at the Village Hall, 900 1st Street, Coal Valley, IL 61240.

Bid to include all materials needed, removal of materials after work is complete, replacement of sod/ street/ or driveway to be returned to its previous conditions. Prior notification before work is started to ensure residents are notified. Project is prevailing wages, and contractor must provide insurance and bond.

Bids will be accepted until 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 1, 2019. Bid will be awarded at the August 7th Village Board meeting.

Bids and questions are to be addressed to the Village Administrator at 900 1st Street, Coal Valley, IL 61240, 309-799-3604, or emailed to

05/30/2019 - The dumpsters that are located at the Village Parks ARE NOT for residents use as this is a problem again, especially at the 1st Street Park. I am sorry to say that any violators will be issued ordinance citations by CVPD. Please refrain from this activity as violators have even left garbage next to and around the dumpsters as they are full and this takes away from the beautiful areas that we are blessed with. Thank you for your cooperation!

sign04/11/2019 - It is that time of the year again when the weather starts getting nice and everyone wants to get outside and start enjoying the fun times.  Please remember to honor private properties here in the Valley, especially the ponds and the timbers that are marked by the owner's to stay off the properties.  These owners' have the right to post "NO TRESPASSING" as they have to deal with the liability if someone is hurt hiking, swimming or fishing.  Many people enjoy mushroom hunting or mountain bike trail riding in the timbers/woods but still have to abide by the law.  Parents are responsible for their children's actions so educate them on the courtesy of private property.

1/18/2018 - Please take a moment to complete this survey. The information will be provided to interested grocery stores.

01/11/2018 – The Village of Coal Valley is actively pursuing a grocery store!  Many of you may have seen the Mayor’s interview on KWQC last night at 10 pm and then again over the noon hour today.  We want to keep the positive momentum going so please visit the Mayor’s or the villages Facebook page to show your support!  Remember, there is strength in numbers!

01/05/2018 - Mayor Bartels is looking at placing some historic signs in our downtown "Post Office" park square and would like your feedback. Here are three examples of the signs that we hope to install in the "Old Town" / "Village Green".

Proposed historic district sign

Proposed historic district sign

Proposed historic district sign

Which sign / name do you prefer? One interesting and important note is that the current subdivision name for this area is in fact "Old Town". We could also go with the option of not assigning a specific name to that area? Also "Old Downtown" was considered but we could not make it aesthetically appealing.

 In order to complete this project we need donations to pay for the signs.
We are hoping to purchase 10-12 signs. Cost to make each sign is around $100.

The signs show the current street name and the original street name below.
If you live in this area your current address will not change.

If you would like to make a donation to make this project a reality please donate at Village Hall or our campaign.